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"Qarma is a web designing and developing agency focused on getting the best work done, in little time. Our only goal is to please our clients, and satisfy their every web-related need, whatever it may be. Take a look at the rest of our website for some more information about Qarma and the work we do here!" - Andy Abi Haidar

Andy Abi Haidar
Founder & Head Developer

Andy founded Qarma in 2011 with a goal of making it one of the best agencies out there.

He specializes in back-end development, mainly using PHP, and front-end design involving XHTML, CSS, jQuery and the likes.

Andy has many years of experience in developing complex systems and projects such as e-commerce websites and small custom frameworks.

Matt Curtis
Developer & Head Designer

Matt joined Andy shortly after, and played a huge role in the creative department.

He specializes in front-end design mainly, and graphic design as well. His creativity plays a terrific role in his work and projects.

Over the years, Matt has gained experience in everything related to front-end design, and is learning new things as he goes.

Web Design & Development

We offer our clients a wide range of services that are related to designing (web or other) and developing (web). We also pride ourselves in our ability to finish a sleek website in little time.

Tablet & Phone Development

Qarma also offers its clients the ability to develop tablet and smartphone applications that will surely attract many users that carry the trend-setting tablets and smartphones.

Photography & Videography

We also offer our clients photography sessions and shots for any occasion or event. May it be a party, a wedding, or just a photoshoot for a Facebook album, we're proud to help.

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Andy Abi Haidar
Founder & Head Developer
Matt Curtis
Head Designer


Garderisson is a nursery located in Beit el Kekko, Lebanon. It's one of the first nurseries trying to use the web to keep the parent's mind at ease by using live webcam streams of the children at any time.

Qarma Designs outsourced this project from HQ Services. We took this project gladly, and we hope that the objective behind the website is achieved, and that no parent leaving their child at Garderisson will ever feel an ounce of doubt or worry.

Garderisson is a combination of HTML/CSS code with dynamic content, and some jQuery to offer better interactivity with the user, and better communication with the younger audience (with the use of bright colors and characters).

Municipality of Baskinta

Baskinta's is one of the most beautiful villages in Lebanon. Baskinta has it all; from Mount Sannine and monuments, to authors, poets, and a welcoming population.

Baskinta's Municipality hired us to make them a dynamic website where they can better communicate with their community by updating it with recent updates, news, and pictures. In addition, it will always be up to date with any future event.

Baskinta's website is a combination of HTML/CSS with dynamic content, in addition to some YouTube implementation to reach a larger amount of users.

Crea Color

Crea Color was established in 2001 and is now considered as one of the most developed and up-to-date paint company in Lebanon.

Crea Color contacted us when they wanted a fresh start and a fresh website as well to go with it. They requested a beautiful portfolio to display their high quality work, and that's what we gave them.

Crea Color's website is a jQuery-animated website with a focus on product showcasing rather than dynamic content.


Launched in 2012, SOLEA V (Cinq) is the blank canvas you can paint your special event on. With dramatic high ceilings, an indoor ficus tree and a huge open plan area, this is the ideal place to hold your unique event.

SOLEA V was designed by Nancy Akl and developed by Qarma Designs. The website's goal is to spread SOLEA V's name and show the public how beautiful and well-organized their events were.

SOLEA V's website is a heavily jQuery-animated website with brush-like and artistic images to make it all the more colorful and funky.

SOLEA Distribution

Founded in 2003, SOLEA started as a wholesale distribution company focusing on the needs of the floral trade. They fast became the one stop shop for all floral requirements.

SOLEA Distribution was designed by Nancy Akl and developed by Qarma Designs. The website focused on dynamic content, and keeping the users up to date with any new updates regarding SOLEA Distribution.

SOLEA Distribution's website is mostly a PHP website, filled with dynamic content, images, and forms.

SF Conseil's Espace Projet

SF Conseil's Espace Projet was created to allow file sharing between the users and offer them an interactive application where they can better communicate with other users via upload forms and file managers.

SF Conseil was designed by Nancy Akl and developed by Qarma Designs. The website focused on user input/output, and also relied on file sharing techniques.

SF Conseil is a PHP website with a file sharing service and a user panel for better user interactivity. It also has some jQuery to allow better transition between each section. Please note that a username and password are required to view SF Conseil's espace projet.

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